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“ One Stop Shop for Romance in Goa “

www.XORooms.com is a division of www.BestGoaDeals.com. In 2009, www.BestGoaDeals.com was founded by a few Goans who wanted to the world to experience the authentic Goan hospitality, cuisines and our beautiful island of Goa.

For over a decade the team has been working out of their office based in Panjim and have managed to be one of the most preferred travel company based in Goa for 'One Stop Shop for Goa' offering services like :

- Hotel Bookings

- Conference and Group Handling

- Event Management

- Car Hire

- Sightseeing

- Guide Services

- Tours

- Cruises

One Stop Shop for Romance in Goa

After over 10 years of offering above services and over thousands of satisfied customers based on the feedback from our clients we decided to launch our own brand for 'One Stop Shop for Romance in Goa'.

Based on the feedback from the clients that they were dissatisfied with bookings their Weddings, Honeymoon and other Romantic Getaways to Goa from an agent based out of Goa who did not have pulse of what's new and best in Goa. They were looking forward to booking their experiences with someone who is based in Goa and truly understands what Goa is all about. Hence the decision of our Company to launch our new division www.XORooms.com to offer only Romantic Holidays for various segments like :

- Xorooms: Wedding in Goa Wedding In Goa

- Xorooms: Honeymoon in Goa Honeymoon in Goa

- Xorooms: Babymoon in Goa Babymoon in Goa

- Xorooms: Renewing your Vows in Goa Renewing your Vows

- Xorooms: Couples Getaways in Goa Couples Getaways in Goa

- Xorooms: Partying in Goa Partying in Goa with Friend

We look forward to being the Best Travel Company for Romantic Holidays in Goa.